Romance on the Mind.

Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s the annual holiday that people across the country either love or loathe, celebrate or curse- I happen to be a fan of the day. Everything associated with the Hallmark holiday is so cutesy, I just can’t help myself. My affinity for this day also most likely has something to do with my love of romance in general. I write romance, I read romance, and I love to watch romance.

Reflecting on this love I have for love I decided that the most appropriate post for today would be a list of my Top Ten favorite romances, from all sources of media, and ranking them from “gets me every time” to “forever in my heart”. Let’s start the countdown, shall we?

10. Audrey and Seymour from Little Shop of Horrors: This is definitely a ‘last but not least’ situation. Seymour is an orphan that has grown into a nerdy, poverty-stricken adult that is so desperate to make his way out of his life-long rut that he feeds an alien plant chopped up humans, and Audrey is a ‘cocktail waitress’ turned flower shop employee with a penchant for abusive bad boys. He doesn’t feel good enough for her because he can’t offer much and she doesn’t feel good enough for him because of a less-than-innocent past. Add in puppy-eyes, musical numbers, and cleavage for days, and you have the foundation for an out of this world romance.

9. Stef and Lena Adams-Foster from Freeform Television’s The Fosters: Two beautiful actresses starring as two women in a long-term committed relationship turned marriage. With more kids than I have shoes, Stef and Lena are constantly struggling to focus on themselves and their relationship, but they never lose their sense of humor. They have chemistry and heart which project onto the screen as one of the most believable relationships on television.
8. Dellon Mitchell and Sandy from Radclyffe’s Justice Series: The first pairing from a book that made it onto my list and they earned the spot. Dellon is a rookie cop and Sandy is an official Confidential Informant for a detective on the force. Complicated enough, but I’d also like to add that Sandy is a prostitute. These two are secondary characters in Radclyffe’s series, but their stories and chemistry allow them to stand out and have a storyline of their own worth following. The balance of innocence and darkness makes for one hell of a ride.
7. Baby and Johnny from Dirty Dancing: I’m pretty sure every romance lover from my generation would put these two crazy kids on their lists. Baby is a fresh, delicate flower and Johnny is a bad boy dancing king that gets Baby bumpin’ and grindin’ in no time. But I’m still left wondering what happened next. Was it a summer fling? Did Johnny hang up his Kellerman’s issued dancing shoes and follow Baby to South East Asia to help fight hunger? We’ll never know.
6. WE HAVE A Julia Roberts TIE! First, Vivian Ward and Edward Lewis from Pretty Woman: A millionaire (billionaire?) falls in love with a prostitute and they rescue each other. It’s an iconic movie with an abundance of quote-worthy lines. If I didn’t put it on this list it’d be a big mistake, HUGE.

Secondly- Anna Scott and William Thacker from Notting Hill: A world famous movie star falls for a regular Joe that owns a travel book store. Who hasn’t had a fantasy much like this one?? (Sorry, Sandra Bullock, but I’m taken now!)


5. Idgie Threadgoode and Ruth Jamison from Fried Green Tomatoes: These two are on my list because of the book, not the film. Their story warmed my heart, made me laugh, and damn-near made me cry. If you’ve only ever watched the movie and had foregone the book, do yourself a favor and pick it up ASAP. You can contact me via email with your thanks.

4. Root and Shaw from CBS’s Person of Interest: These two…boy oh boy. I’ve recently been introduced to this show and they’re already nearing my top three, and it’s not just because Sarah Shahi is a stone-cold fox (never forget her days as Carmen on The L Word) but the chemistry was there from their first scene together and it was a surprise to everyone. Root is a brilliant, borderline psychopathic, hacker and Shaw is a former military operative with an Axis II Personality Disorder- that means Shaw is incapable of feeling, but it’s fairly obvious that’s not true when it comes to Root. It’s a love/hate partnership with plenty of heart-eyes and flirting. Shaw’s harsh disinterest in Root’s blatant attraction to her makes for the best foreplay on television.
3. Alice Pieszecki and Dana Fairbanks from The L Word: Speaking of The L word… I’m still bitter about this one. They were OTP before OTP was even a thing. Ugh! The wound is still too fresh to talk about it, so I’ll just move on.
2. Elle Graft and Hunter Dyson from Eliza Lentzski’s Winter Jacket Series: Eliza Lentzski is a brilliant author. She crafts a first-person story better than I could ever imagine doing myself. Winter Jacket became one of my favorite books before I even finished it. The taboo attraction between a professor and a former student, an odd obsession with one specific article of clothing, and an age difference that portrays wisdom and naivety in refreshing ways come together to make an incredible romance. I cannot say enough good things about these characters and the journey they go on- both individually and together. I’m impatiently waiting for the release of book four!

And now, my number one favorite romance pairing/story of all time is…

  1. Kylie Mackenzie and Blair Spencer from Suzan X. Meagher’s All That Matters: What a book! Blair and Kylie will never leave my heart. Blair starts out happily married to her husband and looking to conceive, but their struggles in that department lead them to visit a fertility specialist. At their first appointment, the couple is introduced to another doctor at the practice: Dr. Kylie Mackenzie- gorgeous, lesbian, single and ready to mingle. Kylie and Blair hit it off as friends, but as the road to conception and the start of a pregnancy gets shaky, Kylie becomes strong support system for Blair. Lines get blurred, curiosities get peaked, and hearts go against their better judgements. The unravelling of their tale is beautiful and both of these characters have a wicked sense of humor. Just writing this is making me want to go give the book another read!
Please Note: Each movie, show, or book mentioned are property of their original creators, networks, production companies. My use of their titles and character names are for non-profitable blogging. These mentions are just small shout-outs, with all due respect.