The Music Made Me Do It.

Let me start with a confession: I’m terrible at blogging. Let me follow-up with a second confession: I love music. LOVE it. I feel like I need music playing while I do everything and anything, and I most certainly need it playing while I write. Music is life and I love to get lost in it.

“Get lost in” is not limited to my sick dance moves.

I think one of the most enviable and wonderful talents on earth is being a gifted lyricist. Consider music for a moment with me; think of the way it can move you and help you heal, and most of all, the way it can make you dream. I’ve had more inspiration come from music than I know what to do with, and in most cases I do nothing with my imaginings. I find perfect songs for my favorite television/movie “ships”, and I even build soundtracks for the novels I write. But the most special, the one that’ll reign supreme amongst all others, is what happened after I listened to an album by Darren Hayes.

What’s that? Who’s Darren Hayes? Well I am so glad you asked. If you’ve overheard and/or actively listened to any popular music since 1997, you’ll be familiar with his former group—Savage Garden. Yes, he’s the guy that crooned immortal love songs such as “Truly, Madly, Deeply” and “I Knew I Loved You”. He also went on to a solo career, for which I’m grateful, because he’s brilliant. The words, the melodies, and his voice…to me he’s as close to perfection as a music artist can get, but this post is not about my admiration, it’s about the by-product of his work.

In 2007 an album was released—“This Delicate Thing We’ve Made”. I snatched it up in an instant without preview because it was new music by one of my favorites. This dual-disc album is chock-full of beautifully written gems, songs which will evoke emotion, and others that’ll have your toe tappin’. But there’s also songs that I’m sure would make a few people think, “What’s this now?” I listened to every word and couldn’t help but be swept up into this journey Mr. Hayes took me on. Along the way, I imagined my own characters, my own wounded lovers, experiencing life and looking for their own ways to overcome hardships.

Interested in taking a listen? Click the image!

Time travel. What a thought and what a solution. If half of your life was spent struggling and hurting, would you travel back in time to fix it, knowing that you’d probably give up the only good memories you have…memories of falling in love with your best friend and understanding what true love really is?

Time travel: the detail of “Time Will Tell” that offers the reader an inside look into the ultimate ‘what if’ between two women. I wanted to take this story I imagined and jotted down ten years ago, and turn it into a romance that revolved around true love instead of the actual time travel itself. How can you have a book with time travel and not have the main plot point be traveling through time? Great question! The answer is simple: you just can. I love to write about two characters falling in love, exploring their love, being stricken with tragedy or angst, and doing their best to end up happily together. So I made it my mission to write a true romance with a hint of the fantastical, and treat it in a way that could be true to our reality. Time travel doesn’t exist…but what would we be like if it did?

One music artist released an album and ten years later I’m releasing a book that was inspired by it. Darren Hayes has since released another album which only assisted in growing my imagination and love for what can be done with words. To the dreamers out there: keep your eyes and ears open, because you never know where inspiration will come from next. Whether your Muse is singing, showing, or yelling…follow its lead.

Just shut up and do it!