What is Fortunate Sum About?

As the release date nears and the knowledge of the existence of my book spreads, I find myself on the receiving end of this question often. It should be easily answered considering I wrote all 240 pages myself, but I have a bad habit of clamming up when I’m put on the spot. As a result I tend to drop a very generic, vague answer like- “It’s a love story, sort of an opposites attract thing. There’s a psychic, too.” Well, the more I think about it now, the more my face hurts from cringing at those terrible descriptions. Now, I will try my best to tell you all what my story is about. I will take you deeper than a blurb or quick synopsis, but I will not give anything away. After all, I’d still like for you to read it.

So, what is Fortunate Sum about?

It is a love story. A love story between two women, to be precise. It’s about stumbling upon love when you least expect it, after searching for it so desperately in all the wrong places. It’s about trying your best to be the person others expect you to be; trying to be someone they will respect. Fortunate Sum is about struggling with your past while trying your hardest to control your present and future. It’s about skepticism and falling for someone that bends your otherwise rigid expectations you have for yourself. It’s a romance built upon the idea of gray skies clearing into bright blues and magentas. It’s about the simplicity and complexity of love. It’s about fear and redemption. It’s about stupid mistakes and misleading information. It’s about friends helping each other out with advice- both psychic and otherwise. It’s about coloring outside the lines and being okay with it. When all the signs point you in the direction of the beautiful face smiling back at you and you feel something indescribable click into place- that is what my book is about.

Fortunate Sum is a simple romance, but I hope the underlying themes and the delicate moments between each of the characters allow it to be seen as something more.

I also hope this post doesn’t have better quality writing than my book. That’d be embarrassing.