First Post Conundrum.

I’m sure most new bloggers, especially authors, run into this problem of what to make their first blog post about. It is an important one after all. It should set the tone of your blog. It should capture the attention of your growing (hopefully) audience and draw in new fans. But, what happens when you have absolutely no idea what that topic, the golden egg of blog post subjects, could be?

Sure, in half a minute I could think up meaningless future posts that’ll hopefully make a reader chuckle. I can even daydream of something much more poignant that’ll make readers think or possibly even inspire. However, not one of those fill the shoes of a proper introduction post.

So now I’m just sitting here, expensing my wit and rattling my brain in hopes of some grand thought dislodging itself from a long forgotten, dark recess that has got to hold something… Anything?


With all this thought, after all of this planning, I’ve managed to come up with a multi-paragraph rambling that ultimately holds no purpose except maybe serving as filler around a general “Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and I do hope you come again even if I seem to have lost you somewhere around the eleventh sentence.” Wait- I actually think this sets the mood quite perfectly.

Impressed and/or intrigued yet?